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New Year, New Language: Bonjour!

Posted by Darnell Brown on

New Year, New Language: Bonjour!

Kim Tellier (Master Esthetician & Co-Founder of LeTellier) is of French-Canadian descent. And though she is bilingual and now resides in the States, her native language is French - which is sadly becoming lost throughout Canada. As a proud Quebecois, it is important to both her and other native French-speakers that our marcomms (marketing communications) also be bilingual. And if it matters to Kim, it’s equally important to each of us at LeTellier.

As we celebrate the New Year on the eve of our 1-year anniversary as a company, we are thrilled to announce that all of our upcoming marcomms will be translated into French. This includes our social media content across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn - as well as our email newsletter and printed brand materials. But we’re not stopping there. We’re also translating our entire website, page-by-page, into French over the next few weeks.

Our goal is to welcome the entire province of Quebec (along with all other French-speakers across North America) into LeTellier with open arms because we got love for Canada. We also want to keep the French language alive in Quebec, as its culture lives within our skincare line through Kim and her sister Emma.

Thank you to all of our native French-speakers who’ve continued supporting us through Year 1 while the majority of our content has been written in English. And to those of you who’ve requested this transition, it’s awesome that we finally get to roll this out. Looking forward to sharing bilingual content with you during this crucial phase in our company’s evolution.

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