Our culture is simply made up of our values. The brand will evolve as we add more products, become available in boutiques and become more visible to the larger world. We first started out as friends and family. Now we are business partners because of the trust we’ve built up amongst one another. We will remember who we are at our core and never tolerate any toxicity that threatens the gold we’ve mined.

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Transparency First


The co-founders’ doors are always open because our foundation is built upon openness. From day one, we’ve always had a “transparency first” attitude, as we believe this leads to crafting better businesses made up of people who give a damn. This is our chance to be everything we’d wish for from which the previous companies and employers we worked. Our time is now.


We must remain humble, but never satisfied, for satisfaction leads to complacency. The moment we start believing in our own hype is the moment we’ve lost. We have to got stay hungry and hustle, because some other awesome company is always just around the corner looking for the perfect opportunity to be where we are. Let’s work hard so we can play harder.


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