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Flower Power!

Posted by Kim Tellier on

Flower Power!

Our mineral powder is made with Ylang Ylang essential oil derived from Ylang Ylang flowers, known to calm the senses and balance all skin types.

It also contains lavender essential oil. Everybody knows that lavender is very soothing. But did you know that it also had deep-cleansing benefits? That’s right!!! Its antibacterial properties will keep your pores clean. 

Last but not least, geranium is one of our Master Esthetician’s favorite essential oils. Besides its invigorating green and floral aroma, she loves using geranium to balance mature, sensitive and uneven skin. 

Give your skin a healthy dose of color with our lightweight flower-based blush. You can also use our Mineral Bronzer as a blush substitute and get a radiant glowing natural-looking tan look all year long.

Photo by ika dam on Unsplash

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