Let us make one thing clear...

Let us make one thing clear...

As protests around the globe continue in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, we at LETELLIER think it’s time to say our piece…


Two years ago, we sat down and talked about what matters to us as we were creating the company. We talked about what our truths might be and what should define our skincare line. About an hour later, we landed upon 5 core truths. One of those values is inclusivity.


Being inclusive means we believe in, accept, and provide products for people of all colors, sizes, and shapes. Especially and unequivocally those who’ve felt excluded, marginalized, or misrepresented. The co-founders of LETELLIER are an interracial couple and are minorities in America, so of course, we believe in diversity.


Black. Lives. Matter. We stand with our fellow Black colleagues, partners, clients, suppliers, friends, and families in their generations-long, way overdue, continued fight for socioeconomic equality and justice.


After nearly two weeks of peaceful protesting worldwide, it’s clear that this is becoming a defining moment in human history. Pledges are being made. Funds are being re-allocated. Policies are being dismantled. New ones are being enforced. Big brands & celebrities are speaking up. Things are happening quickly. And it’s about damn time.


All of this has inspired us to do better as a skincare company. Effective immediately. Because this is so much bigger than race. It’s a question of morality. Basic ethics. We believe in what’s right and what’s fair, regardless of what you look like or from where you hail.


We hope you will continue to read our newsletters, engage with us, and buy our products. But more importantly, we encourage you to check in with yourself and your own values. How do you feel about what’s going on in the world at this time? Hit reply to let us know. We'd love to hear from you.


Thanks for allowing us the space to share our stance with you. Be safe and be well.


Darnell & Kim with LETELLIER

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