A French-Canadian and an African-American walked into a bar.... Yup, we’re quite a mixed bunch. As our business grows, so will our team. Currently, our group is small and nimble, made up of passionate people who really believe in better skincare.



Kim Tellier
Co-founder & Licensed Aesthetician


Kim is our Licensed Aesthetician, esthiology educator, and business visionary. She loves to formulate products. Her approach is very client-centric and benefit-derived. Hobbies include gardening, cooking, and skincare of course!



Darnell Brown 
Co-founder & Brand Strategist


Darnell is our brand strategist, principal content creator and social media manager. He believes in action over ideas and is instrumental in preparing the visual elements of the business, as well as tasking our team. He often makes ideas tangible for the public. His approach is detail-oriented, passionate and encompassing. Hobbies include reading, training and meditating.

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