our story


In 2016, my wife Kim had this vision to build a skincare brand that brought esthetician-grade products out of the spa and into homes around the world.



She shared this idea with me and asked if I could help her create this thing. As a brand strategist, she specifically wanted my help with the visuals and marketing, while she’d focus on product formulation and the client experience. We always knew we wanted to create a business together, but the timing or the idea wasn’t right in the past. Finally, the stars aligned with this idea and the seed was planted. LETELLIER was born.



Holistic living has been a core tenet of ours for several years now. Skincare has always been a deep passion of Kim’s and as I get older, it’s become more important to me to take care of my own skin better than I ever have too.



As a proud interracial couple entering the cosmetic space, it’s not lost on us the example we’re setting. As minorities in America, we know and recognize the struggle to get ahead and have sustained success in any industry. But our differences in skin tone and complexion allow us to formulate products for the whole spectrum of light to dark. That’s one of our edges.



LETELLIER now works with a select group of suppliers and advisors to bring you exclusive healthy, cruelty-free products that your skin will crave. When people look and feel their best, they’re unstoppable. Suddenly, you’re more confident. More empowered. More you.



Darnell Brown
Co-founder of LETELLIER

We stand for…


  • Accessibility by making skincare that is usually reserved for estheticians and their clients, available to everyone.
  • Purpose by sharing the best skincare practices and tips with people so that they feel more confident and fulfilled in their daily lives.
  • Diversity by welcoming anyone to explore our cosmetics and showing today’s world throughout our marketing materials. 
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