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Our Story

Through our products, we stand for…

  1. Healthiness: by making natural, proactive skincare that is usually reserved for estheticians and their clients - available to everyone.
  2. Purpose: by educating people with the best skincare practices and tips, so that they feel more fulfilled and confident in their daily lives. 
  3. Diversity: by welcoming everyone to explore our cosmetics and by showing today's world throughout our branding. 

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Our Story

In 2016, Kim Tellier had the vision to build her own skincare brand that combined her personal experiences using beauty products with that of the issues and desires of her clients at her spa. She shared her idea with her husband, Darnell, and asked him to join her in crafting this business together from the ground up. As a seasoned brand strategist, he’d assist Kim in realizing her dream, and they could both utilize their best skills under a common cause. Plus they knew they wanted to do something in business together, but the timing nor the core idea was ever right before. Finally, the stars aligned and the seed was planted.

Out of everything Kim and Darnell could’ve built together, they kept coming back to healthier, holistic living. For one, skincare has always been a deep passion of Kim’s and secondly, they could bring their talents to something that mattered to them equally and many others around them. As an interracial couple in America, they could also be ambassadors for “colorful” people in the same boat, showing them that with a good idea, a strong purpose, and massive action, anything’s possible. It also helped that their complexions are at near-opposite ends of the spectrum, so they could craft products that worked for both of their extremes and everything in between.

Our team has endured the typical challenges along the way: full-time gigs, business loan denials, no vacations in ages, little sleep - yet we believe if we can turn it all around, it’ll be a success story for the ages. So we bootstrapped, poured our hearts and souls into working with what we have and are not making any excuses. Today, we’re completely self-funded, privately-owned and way too-ambitious. Perhaps, that’s exactly the way it should be. And we’re just getting started.

We now work with a select group of trusted suppliers to bring you exclusive formulations that are super healthy, results-driven, runway-fresh and powerfully active. Still, quality, pricing, and features aren’t the only things you care about. What you really want is to feel healthy and look great in your own skin. We’re doing this because we know for a fact that when people feel and look their best, they’re unstoppable. Suddenly, you have more confidence. Suddenly, you’re bringing your A-game. Suddenly, you’re empowered to seize the day and do more of what you love. We do this because we believe in people all of colors expressing themselves confidently, comfortably, and honestly; all because they believe in themselves a little more than they did before they interacted with us. Skincare is the embodiment of our why.

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