We test. Rigorously.


Did you know cosmetic companies are responsible for testing the safety of their products and ingredients before putting them on the market? Those that don't should warn you that the safety of their products has not been determined.


Our products were initially designed for professional use only. As a result, they contain higher quantities of active ingredients. Therefore, we needed to put our products through an HRIPT (Human Repeat Insult Patch Test) to test their irritation and allergy potential. This involves testing skincare on 50 - 200 human volunteers 9 times within 3 weeks. After a two-week rest period, their skin is again exposed to the same products.


Our skincare contains ingredients that prevent bacterial contamination, which can occur during storage and use of natural cosmetics. Factors like the type of material or closure used (cap, dropper, pump) can enhance or diminish these ingredients' efficacy.


In addition to being tested for their inflammation potential, our products also go through an AET (Antimicrobial Effectiveness Test). They are injected with bacteria and held at room temperature for one month to determine the number of microorganisms that will survive. Who wants fungus and yeast trapped into their skin? Not us! Our rigorous testing process usually takes about 6 - 9 months. If the results are satisfactory and favorable, we can go to market with that product.

Backed by a licensed Aesthetician.


Kim Tellier is our Co-Founder and Licensed Aesthetician. Before establishing her practice in a medical spa in 2018, she owned a salon and spa for 5 years, where she provided her clients with expert knowledge daily. She's always loved educating them on ingredient benefits (perhaps because she used to be a teacher).


A few weeks after she graduated from the Aveda Institute, she realized that only estheticians and dermatologists had access to products formulated with higher doses of active ingredients. This sparked the idea of creating skincare products that could be used at home that would also give clients facial-like results.


Over the years, she has surrounded herself with three mentors, all of whom are also licensed estheticians. Together, they have over 80 years of combined experience. Behind each product are decades of intensive research and testing, which allow us to use the highest concentration of active ingredients permitted for retail. What Kim uses in her treatment room, we offer here at LETELLIER.

Where plants meet chemistry.


"Age gracefully" is our motto. To live up to this ideal, we opted for a more natural approach. Since birth, Kim has seen a naturopathic doctor who first introduced her to homeopathy and other natural medicine alternatives. Using plants to heal the body has always been a part of her childhood. Her mother and neighbor Jocelyne Dupont (esthetician and long-time family friend) took naturopathy courses together. When Kim became an esthetician, she turned to Jocelyne for tips and advice on incorporating essential oils into our product line.


In 2012, Kim studied at the prestigious Aveda Institute, where she learned about Ayurveda - the traditional Indian medicine. This practice has been around for around 3,000 years, and plant-based formulations are at the center of the Ayurvedic healing process.


A year later, she stumbled across another mentor who taught her about the marvel of science - more precisely, how ingredients can be broken down into smaller molecules to penetrate deeper into the skin and achieve faster results. For instance, rubbing sugar cane on your cheeks might have little to no impact. However, using science to transform it into glycolic acid turns this simple ingredient into a powerful liquid exfoliant.


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