our vision

We envision a world where everyone is contributing to the betterment of the world at large. Where people are living out their dreams. Where people are doing the work they love. We are advocates for fulfillment.


Variety makes life more interesting. Variety of ideas. Variety of people, places, truths, perspectives, and flavors. We are advocates for diversity.


We know that people are capable of more. That they want to realize their goals, exceed limitations and set the example for those who look up to them. It’s just that life constantly gets in the way and we’re bombarded with so many distractions and stimuli. Still, you can never have enough hope and optimism. We are advocates for realizing potential.


Though the media tends to highlight people who look a certain way, we recognize that us humans are complex creatures that hail from many different colors, backgrounds, and experiences. Every single one of us is already unique, already capable, already… beautiful. We exist to remind people of these truths.


Our vision for LETELLIER embodies each of these insights. We help people fall in love with their skin (again). Our means to that end would simply be by treating your body the way we’d want our own bodies treated - with soul food for the skin that looks and feels great.


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