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The Truth

Most over-the-counter beauty products contain very few active ingredients, so the results they produce are neither lasting nor fast-acting. Customers aren’t getting what they paying for. Or maybe they’re paying for exactly what they’re getting. Regardless of what companies disclose or advertise, the proof is in the pudding because shoppers nowadays are searching for better, purer ingredients in the things they purchase and consume.

As a whole, the cosmetic industry is littered with products that may produce short-term, fleeting results, etc. This is because there’s a lack of integrity, transparency, and ethics within the beauty sector, as companies sideline people’s best interest to make fast money and appease shareholders.

Professional skincare contains a higher level of active ingredients that can penetrate the deeper layers of the skin and therefore require much more research and time to formulate. This is why the more there are in any given product, the longer it takes to get to market and the more premium-priced it is.

Our Solution

At LeTellier, our philosophy includes the careful selection of natural and organic ingredients combined with biochemistry to deliver professional quality products at affordable prices. The wonders of science allow us to extract the molecules of plants that will produce the fastest and most visible results because we all deserve a healthier looking skin without going bankrupt.

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