Most over-the-counter beauty products contain very few active ingredients, so if you’ve ever used any, you’ll see that its effects are neither lasting nor fast-acting. People aren’t really getting what they paying for. Regardless of what companies disclose or advertise, you’ve gotta do your own homework to understand what’s going onto your body if you prioritize your health.


As a whole, the cosmetic industry is littered with products that result in short-term, fleeting results, etc. This is what happens when integrity is traded for capitalism in the mad scramble to get a slice of this multi-billion dollar-a-year pie.


truth about skincare

What we're doing about it...

Professional-grade skincare contains higher levels of active ingredients that penetrate deeper layers of the skin. This process is made possible by combining plants with chemistry. And lots of trial and error. The crux is that it was largely reserved for only clients who see estheticians. Until recently…


At LETELLIER, we believe everyone should have access to premium-grade, cruelty free skincare, even if they don’t regularly visit spas. Simple ingredients. Simple instructions. So we’re intentionally crafting products that you can use on yourself, from your own living room. It’s like being able to bring the spa into your home. Plus, with our unisex skincare, the whole family can get in on the fun.


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