How Do I Know If My Skin Have Cool, Warm Or Neutral Undertones?

How Do I Know If My Skin Have Cool, Warm Or Neutral Undertones?

Undertones are the colors coming through from underneath your skin. 


  • Neutral: Your undertones are almost the same color as your skin tone
  • Cool: Pink or blue hues
  • Warm: Yellow or golden hues


To determine your skin undertones, use one silver and one gold piece of fabric like a scarf or even wrapping paper. Place the piece of fabric around your neck and take a look at your skin. If your skin blends in well with the gold fabric, you probably have warm undertones. If your skin blends in well with the silver fabric, you're most likely to have pink undertones. If you like the way your skin looks with both pieces of fabric, you could be a blend of both. In that case, you hit the jackpot and should favor foundations with neutral undertones. 


Pro tip: Choosing a color that matches your undertones perfectly may not always be the best choice. Yep! Forget everything we just said! For example, if you have warm undertones, a warm-toned foundation could make your skin look overly yellow. 


Although I have olive skin and should favor warm or neutral foundations that match my undertones, I found that foundations with pink hues look best on me since they balance my greenish undertones. 


The best thing to do is to experiment. Luckily, our 4-in-1 mineral foundation provides a natural looking coverage and if you choose a shade that's close enough to your skin tone, the powder will warm up to match your skin undertones.


Very light: 

  • Barely There - Neutral
  • French Vanilla - Warm



  • Carmen - Warm
  • Cool Beige - Cool


Light to Medium: 

  • Warm Beige - Neutral
  • Cappuccino - Warm
  • Chai Latte - Cool



  • Iced Coffee - Neutral
  • Cinnamon - Warm
  • Cocoa - Cool


Medium to Dark: 

  • Caramel - Neutral
  • Macchiato - Warm
  • Espresso - Cool


Photo by Kat Love on Unsplash

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