Memo from Our Co-Founder

Memo from Our Co-Founder

Our brand is our symbol of trust: it’s our mark, it’s our legacy. But it is not one-sided. Our supporters, collaborators, and clients get to play an integral part of our brand because it is they who give us purpose. We get to set the tone, put the characters in play, and write the script, but the story’s ultimately theirs to tell (preferably to their circles and networks!). So let’s make sure we give them the best possible story to share with their family, friends, and colleagues.


It doesn’t stop there. The tribe we build, the entities we partner with, how we conduct business - these all make up our brand as well. Every touchpoint is an opportunity for us to improve the story that others will tell about us. We must be proud of our brand. We’ve got to have integrity, while also knowing when to be agile and listen to our customers. Help them understand why our products’ results are the best in the market and how what our offer them improves their overall lives.


We must never stop branding. The moment we do, someone else will, and chances are, we won’t like what they have to say.


Brand early. Brand often. Brand always.


Darnell Brown

Co-Founder of LETELLIER


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