The Hydro Rescue Bundle

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Ideal for dry skin. Includes one (1) of each of the following:


Our best hydrating products with nourishing properties are grouped in one 4-piece bundle to help improve the loss of skin hydration and elasticity. This gift set will also support the skin’s natural moisture barrier, relieving the itchiness associated with dry skin.

The Bare Bar: Good for all skin types, especially dry or sensitive. Helps combat free radicals, dissolve scaling, and improve skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis.


The Moji TonerAn exfoliating and hydrating tonic that removes dead skin cells, refines pores, and smoothes fine lines.


The Enzyme PeelGood on all skin types, especially if you have Rosacea, sensitive or mature skin.


The Holy Grail: Appropriate for mature breakout-prone skin that needs balancing and brightening.

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