A Quick Note About the World We Live In Today

A Quick Note About the World We Live In Today

As news about the coronavirus pandemic continues to shake us all up, we have a few thoughts we’d like to share with you.


Firstly, we hope that you and your families are safe, calm and informed. As the virus spreads, it’s critical we all follow the recommendations from the CDC and WHO in keeping ourselves distanced and cleaned as much as possible.


But this doesn’t mean we can’t find enjoyment in hanging out at home nor that we can’t be productive in working remotely. We can catch up on some family quality time or those things we’ve been meaning to get to for years. Things are slowing way down, so let’s use our time wisely.


Secondly, in case you’re wondering, our current skincare stock remains completely sealed off from potential virus threats. Our products are contained in ways to avoid such disruptions. We also have been constantly sanitizing our workstations daily so that the packages we ship aren’t compromised either. 


Naturally, our supply chain has been impacted, as some of our facility partners have closed shop to limit the virus spread. So some of our products may be on backorder for a while. As of today though, we still have several items in stock and are same/next-day shipping whenever possible.


We’ll continue posting skincare tips and inspiration to help you through these tough times. Thanks so much for your continued support and business. Do reach out if you have any questions or concerns.


Keep calm & be well,

Darnell with LETELLIER

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