The Gift of Giving During COVID-19

The Gift of Giving During COVID-19
Today, more than ever, the world is united in eradicating the coronavirus. As we isolate to keep ourselves and our families safe, we can also keep the brands we love safe by voting with our purses and wallets - if we can afford to.

As all businesses try to find a way to keep the lights on during this crisis, we at LETELLIER have also been thinking about how we can overcome this madness. While we can't do as much as the larger brands - though we'd love to - we can offer you a couple of things...

Since you might not want or need any skincare at this time, we encourage you to grab one of our new shiny gift cards for yourself or a buddy. For a limited time, we'll even sweeten the deal by making the gift card worth more than what you'll pay for it. When you order one, we get to keep the lights on a little longer and you get to save some money on a future purchase with your favorite skincare brand. Spectacular, right? Win-win for everybody. Plus, enjoy free shipping on all orders through April 30, 2020.

Again, if we have the means, this is how we show our support for at-risk companies we care about. And if you can't, no worries, how about leaving us an honest product review then? We're all in this together and this is our way of paying it forward to you.

Here's to hoping April looks a lot better than March and as always, thanks for your continued support of LETELLIER. Stay safe and be well!
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